Awards and Recognition

Analytics AI Award

My research on applying machine learning to optimize university learning analytics was recognized in 2024 by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) at the prestigious LAK24 conference in Kyoto, Japan. This interdisciplinary network of leading international researchers awarded my work an Honorable Mention Demonstration Award, highlighting its contribution to the field. LAK, organized by SoLAR, is a premier venue for showcasing advancements in learning analytics, emphasizing the significance of this recognition. 

Responsible AI Award

Masters degree research work on the application of machine learning to optimise university learning analytics won the Responsible AI award from Dataiku, a data science and machine learning company founded in 2013 and valued at $4.6 billion. The award was to celebrate pioneering achievements in data and AI by Dataiku users.

LinkedIn Top Voice 2023

Earning the prestigious title of LinkedIn Top Voice in Artificial Intelligence, I stand among the top 5% of individuals recognized for their exceptional contributions and expertise in this rapidly evolving field. This recognition serves as a testament to my unwavering commitment to sharing my knowledge and fostering meaningful conversations about artificial intelligence's potential to transform society.

Finalist Open CV AI Competition

Selected with 3 other team members as finalist for OpenCV AI competition where we built computer vision models to detect fresh and rotten fruits through through camera feeds. This competition was sponsored by Intel and Microsoft. We were selected as top 50 teams globally from hundreds of applicants worldwide.

Microsoft Machine Learning and AI scholarship award

I was selected among the top 300 performers worldwide to undertake Microsoft's pioneer machine learning course in 2020. This was designed to enhance the skills of learning interested in the field of AI and guiding them on building and deploying scalalble AI solutions on Azure. Certification:

Second Place Award - Stock Competition

Team won a second place award in an investment competition by Goodbody, my role on the team was applying predictive modelling and machine learning to identify best stocks for investments which maximized the fund we initially had. We took some losses, however our model enabled us gain good returns on investment. We were almost tied to first place winners for this competition in 2022 and won 4,000 euros which was used to support charity.

Second place winners - Invent for Planet Competition

Received second place award for developing prototype of a computer vision model to detect disease in shrimp farming.