Ike's AI/ML Portfolio

My AI Journey

Welcome to my digital portfolio! I'm deeply passionate about leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies to address real-world challenges and improve user experiences. With a robust foundation established through education and some self-taught programming since 2015, my journey has evolved into spearheading impactful projects and driving AI/ML research and training initiatives.

Key Focus:

AI/ML Projects: From developing machine learning models as machine learning engineer at Venia group and automating student feedback systems in my ATU research to steering projects addressing critical industry needs, I've honed skills in building comprehensive ML pipelines. I have also worked on projects related to insurance claims, optimising businesses and computer vision for agriculture. As a Custom LLM Model Scientist at Orcawise, I led the development of an Open-Source Large Language Model (available as a Chatbot) which assists businesses and legal professionals have a better understanding of evolving AI Laws and Regulations. 

Project Impact: My focus is on delivering practical solutions. My research project at ATU, for instance, aimed to optimize learning analytics, showcasing my ability to apply AI/ML methodologies for tangible outcomes.

Academic Journey & Recognition:

Research Master's Degree: Completed rigorous research Master's program at ATU, where I delved deep into the application of Machine Learning, developing models and validating them for real-world impact.

Awards & Recognition: Acknowledged for achievements, including being recognized as a Top Voice in AI by LinkedIn and securing prestigious awards in AI/ML innovation, reflecting my commitment to excellence.

Enthusiastic Mentor & Volunteer:

Supporting Growth: As a mentor, coach and volunteer, I actively contribute to community development through student competitions and community events, fostering growth, shared learning and innovation in AI/ML.

Explore my portfolio to discover the depth of my experiences and the impact of my projects. I'm excited to discuss ideas, jobs and collaborations—feel free to reach out!


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